Thursday, August 28, 2008

Flexbuilder Debug Mode Dog Slow on Mac using Firefox

Quick find today.

Little while back debugging in FB 3.0.x became a brutal exercise in futility. Finally reached a point where I couldn't debug at all. At the time I was running FF2.x. Initially upgraded to FB3 with no change, well no change, except that suddenly I wasn't entering debug mode (bug: had GreaseMonkey Add-On installed - removing it fixed that). Once I was entering Debug again, it would grind my Mac to a halt. Switched to Safari and it worked perfectly. Figured out that Piclense / CoolIris addon for Firefox was in fact the culprit. I uninstalled that add-on and suddenly Debug mode was working just fine again. Lesson learned: If debugging against Firefox, be wary what add-ons you have installed. Hopefully this little lesson will help others.


diamondTearz said...

Thank you! I just had several days of slow debugging. Bought new memory and had to work extra hours because of this. Came across your post and realized that I had just installed that app.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, I've had this problem for quite some time now, and couldn't figure out why. Debugging works like a charm now.

Maz said...

That's too bad I loved that extension! Weird that both work fine together on windows, but not on Mac... But thanks a lot for sharing this !